Los Angeles Rock Opera

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shAme"...a group of dancers, portraying members of a family look like they might be right out of Norman Rockwell - except, within minutes of starting the show, the clan suddenly shifts into being something from an Edward Gorey nightmare. Director Janet Roston's choreography is tight, energetic, and extremely sophisticated...the sense of detail in the movement suggests a mood that's both kinky and beguiling. The gleefully sour ball atmosphere is ultimately effective at crafting the sad yet bleakly funny meditation on the abject emptiness of longing." - LA Weekly

"'The Wanting' takes the audience for quite a wild ride. Director and choreographer Janet Roston blends the musical and dance performances seamlessly...it offers a music/dance/theatre experience like nothing else you will see in Los Angeles this season"
- DanceHelp.com


shAme_2"Sometimes the best performance is the kind that takes time to grow and enfold you in its clutches, but once it has you, you’re in so deep you feel a love slave to it. Such is the case with "The Wanting." It’s a who’s groping on who type of family affair, whose torridness is portrayed entirely through the emotional tone of the music and impeccable choreography by Janet Roston. Roston’s direction of the movement of the bodies, the perverse grasping, grinding and pulling away make this production hard to dislike, ignore or forget. Part concert, part dance, part tale of love, lust, seduction, betrayal and insatiable desire, it is nothing short of a small masterpiece." - SoCal.com